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Galapagos Islands Hotels

Hotel Sol Y Mar Santa Cruz - Puerto Ayora

Hotel Sol Y Mar Santa Cruz - Puerto Ayora
Hotels Description:
Hotel Sol Y Mar Santa Cruz - Puerto AyoraThe SOLYMAR hotel started it business as a need and request from the first scientists that traveled to the islands in order to work at the CHARLES DARWIN SCIENTIFIC STATION.

At that time, tourism at the island was scarce, but DON JIMMY PEREZ, had a clear vision about the potential of the islands and the strong ideal of sharing with others the peace and beauty that he had just found. He created the hotel as a place of informal hosting, turning a small warehouse into a simple but comfortable room with the best view that Port Ayora could offered.

As the time passed, and according to the increasing demand, other rooms were built, always full of visitors that truly appreciated the beauty of the landscape and the kindness of its people.

The restaurant was created under the same goal, to share with its customers and the Perez family the exquisite traditional food from Galapagos, in a familiar environment.

During those last years the SOLYMAR hotel suffered several improvements, but it was finally in January 2006, that it was totally rebuilt. The modifications were planed to fulfill the needs and demands of all passengers that were currently visiting the islands.

Today the new SOLYMAR hotel offers the same privileged location, 17 comfortable and functional rooms that will allow you to enjoy the most spectacular sea view, and facilities to help you admire amazing species. Our staff is group of wonderful persons.

We expect you, to be part of our history...
Accommodation & Service:
The SOLYMAR HOTEL has 17 comfortable and modern room that will provide you with a spectacular sea view, top class facilities in winch you will be able to admire fascinating species and landscapes.
You can enjoy our traditional Galapagos exquisite food as well.
Hotel Sol Y Mar Santa Cruz - Puerto Ayora

Hotels Activities:
Explore Galapagos by kayak and experience the great adventure of navigating next to sea wolfs, piqueros and letting you go to the beauty of the sea.
Tour Enjoy a ride on our mountain Bikes and meet the beautiful Galapagos roads.
Scuba Diving
Submerge yourself into the great adventure of finding a new world full of mysterious and beautiful creatures swimming next to you, such as sea wolfs, penguins, dolphins. Hammerheads sharks, etc.
Explore the water world and admire the the magic and purity of our ocean.
Avenida Charles Darwin, Puerto Ayora
Hotel Sol Y Mar Santa Cruz - Puerto Ayora Hotel SOLYMAR has been over forty years in market.

Today it offers 17 rooms, each one with private balcony and sea view, hot water, air conditioner, pool nest to the sea, bar and Jacuzzi, all this without mentioning our restaurant with a bay view and surrounded by endless iguanas, pelicans, birds, sea wolfs....

We are honor to have you as a guest.

Prices 2009: Galapagos Hotel
Single room: USD 175.-
Double room: USD 195.-

Our prices include breakfast & taxes.

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